Gyeon durabead

Q² DuraBead is a advance two-ingredient and multi-layer ceramic coating designed to suit the requirements of Gyeon Certified Detailers. Q² Durabead is de langstwerkende, super-waterafstotende beading coating ter wereld. GYEON Q² DuraBead GYEON QDurabead is a professional grade next generation SiOquartz coating that protects and enhances the look of paintwork. Daarnaast biedt de QDurabead glas-coating een langdurige en extreem.

Beste, wat zijn de beste redenen om Gyeon durabead te nemen?

Gyeon Q² DuraBead is an ultra-hydrophobic quartz coating system that showcases the latest advances in low volatile silicon (Si) technology. Put simply, it beads water for longer than any other coating in the world today, and is backed by a five year conditional warranty provided by Gyeon and supported by the certified . Gyeon QDurabead 50ml – (Certified Detailers Only) – Ultra Hydrophobic Quartz Coating System. While Q2Mohs is our top of the range paint coating, QDuraBead takes it to the next level. It combines the unmatched durability of Q2Mohs , the spectacular and long- lasting water beading effect and a high water . VW Golf R – New Car Protection Detail – GYEON QDurabead.

The owner of this top spec Golf R wanting it to have the best start in life had the car delivered straight from the supplying dealership to my premises to have the car properly prepared and coated before hitting the roads, GYEON Durabead. Zij moeten zorg dragen voor een juiste toepassing en voldoen aan strenge eisen op het gebied van vakmanschap en materiaal.

QDuraBead ist eine der langanhaltendsten und wasserabweisendsten Versiegelungen der Welt. Coating products are available in all forms and sizes, but when it comes to GYEON , one thing is for sure: proven quality and reliability that surpass all other brands in the market. Backed by a globally-awarded specialist brand with its state -of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Seoul, Korea, your investment in . Gyeon MOHS is to date, the hardest protective paint coating available to a wide range of users.

The hardness of average car paint is approx. Gyeon Quartz QDurabead Year Protection Package. Gyeon QDURABEAD is an ultra hydrophobic quartz coating system that showcases the latest advances in low volatile silicon ( Si) . Crystal Series Corvette Zby ESOTERIC! Featuring GYEON QUARTZ Coatings!

THE ULTIMATE HYDROPHOBIC COATING QDuraBead är ett avancerat två- komponents multilagers keramiskt lackskydd designat för att klara de hårdaste kraven från Gyeon Certified Detailers. Med flera lager QMohs i grunden och toppat med flourine-baserade QBead så uppnås ett ojämförbart resultat vad gäller . Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of automotive finish protection no matter what name they go by! So what are ceramic coatings? Pokročilý, dvousložkový a vícevrstvý keramický povlak.

Prodej povolen pouze certifikovaným detailerům. DuraBead is ONLY available through Gyeon Certified Detailers.

This comes supplied with years . Please contact your local Gyeon Certified. Wanneer u voor deze behandeling kiest gaat u voor de optimale bescherming. Uiteraard kan dit alleen uitgevoerd worden wanneer er eerst een grondige lak correctie heeft plaatsgevonden.